What I’ll be drinking for my first sober Christmas.

If like me you are facing your first sober Christmas you might be feeling a little bit apprehensive. For me it feels like the final hurdle as I approach my one year sober anniversary on January 1st.

I’ve noticed that one of my main triggers for thinking about drinking is when I feel like everyone is having a special ‘treat’ and I feel left out, this is a huge thing at Christmas where there seems to be a special drink for almost every part of the day.

Autumn Winter 2019 Trends – The New Grunge

If like me you spent the 90’s listening to Nirvana whilst wearing a lot of black eyeliner and baggy jumpers with holes in the sleeves for your thumbs, then you are going to be very pleased with the New Grunge trend for Autumn / Winter 2019.

This trend brings back so many happy memories for me. I was a wild child, pale skinned and panda eyed. All I cared about was boys with piercings and music you could mosh to. I used my style as a rebellion, and an expression of the crazy emotional rollercoaster that was my teenage years.

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Sober not Boring – Aug 2019

It’s been a pretty crazy month for me, i’ve passed my 200th sober day. I’ve been to my first sober wedding and my first sober festival. One I found so hard it nearly broke me and the other filled me with so much sober joy I nearly cried with happiness in a field! What can I say except that sober life certainly has it’s ups and downs but i’m trying to teach myself to go with the flow. Here’s all my favourite sober stuff this month. Continue reading

Sober not Boring – July 2019

Hello! I hope you have all had a lovely month and have been enjoying the sunshine. I had so many exciting things to write about this month that it made me a bit late getting this post out, but hopefully you will enjoy it, i’ve really enjoyed working on it.

Drink it!

CBD Drinks

CBD infused drinks are the hot new trend in soft drinks due to the health benefits attributed to CBD oil, but what actually is CBD and more importantly is it legal and is it going to get you high?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in the marijuana plant. Tetrahydrocannabinal (THC) is the main phychoactive substance found in cannabis. CBD contains less than 0.2% of THC – so no it will not get you high. Continue reading