The highs and lows of breast feeding and what to wear to make you feel better.

Breast Feeding is the strangest thing. When you are pregnant you imagine doing it all the time, you go to NCT classes and hold plastic dolls to your breast giggling. The fact is no classes, no You Tube videos, no self help books can teach you how to breast feed. This is a skill you have to learn on the job and unfortunately that job usually involves a screaming and not very helpful baby. Continue reading

Finding your inner Mum Boss.

Do you ever feel like balancing work and having kids has got your head spinning and you are literally just about keeping your head above water?
I feel like I’m ‘that’ mum who is always running round like a headless chicken, just arriving before the show starts, just remembering the morning before that it’s World Book Day. Just tearing round Debenhams looking for a Trunki the day before we go on holiday. I feel like I’m constantly chasing my tail and only just making it through each day by the skin of my teeth. Continue reading

Sleep Thieves

Are you reading this cramped in the corner of a toddler bed while repeatedly singing ‘You are my Sunshine’ and patting a small persons back?

Maybe you have a small child attached to one boob and you are squinting at your phone out of one eye while holding it down the side of your lap?

Did you find this post by googling ‘help my baby never sleeps!’? If you did I’m really sorry I cannot help you! Continue reading