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Maybe i have been living in maternity leave fashion limbo for too long but I had no idea that Mango have an outlet. Mango is my favourite shop and to discover that it has an outlet where all it’s stuff in at least 50% off is blowing my mind.

I don’t think i’m ever going to need to shop anywhere else again! Sometimes you go to an outlet and you are disappointed because it turns out the reason the stuff is in the outlet is because nobody wanted it in the first place – because it’s crap. Not the Mango outlet! I literally want everything, and the prices are amazing! We are talking trousers for £9.99 here people!

If you want to visit the outlet you can click here, or below i have chosen some of my favourite items currently available at the outlet (you can click the prices to take you direct to the item). They don’t have all sizes for every item but i do think they have a really good selection of sizes. It’s not all XXL or XXS.

L-R Floral Print Dress £14.99, Platform Sandals £19.99, Red Shirt £7.99, Ring Bracelet £5.99, Tassel Cross Body Bag £9.99, Jacquard Jacket £12.99

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  1. Oh no, I fell into a Mango Outlet hole and came out the other side a few quid lighter. Thanks (or maybe not) for the Top Tip x

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