MGC Derma review – Can cannabis cure me of Mum Face?

Like lots of you Mum’s out there I am the mother of Sleep Thieves. If it isn’t one it’s the other, it’s teeth, coughs and nightmares. It’s me up at least 3 times a night for the last 5 years and honestly I can’t see that changing soon.

I’ve come to terms with my sleep loss, and the fact that I will probably have at least one child in my bed until they are 12, but I would really like to do something about my Mum Face. Mum Face is the term I have come up with to best describe the terrible effect that lack of sleep has on my skin. I have bags under my eyes, my skin is dull and dry on my cheeks and then weirdly greasy on my nose, and I just feel very grey and like my skin needs some TLC.

Due to excessive moaning about my sleep deprivation on Instagram MGC Derma very kindly got in touch and offered me some products to try which will hopefully sort out my Mum Face. MGC Derma is a skincare range which uses cannabinoids or CBD as a key ingredient. CBD is derived from cannabis but don’t worry (or get excited) it doesn’t have any of the psychoactive properties of cannabis – it’s just really good for your skin.

MGC Derma have harnessed the amazing medicinal properties of cannabis and have used cannabinoids in their skincare range to release it’s calming, anti-inflammatory powers in a range of face creams, serums and masks.

So what products have I decided to test? I have focused on three products that having read the blurb I think might help me with my eye bags, grey skin and dry itchy patches. I am also interested to read that CBD can be sebum regulating – this might help my greasy nose, and also very effective against the symptoms of eczema – which both my children suffer with and is actually one of the reasons they are up all night!


This eye serum is the first product I have used which is specifically aimed at getting rid of eye bags – I usually just conceal them so I was interested to try this, it’s also meant to make the skin round your eye look firmer, younger and less wrinkled. When I applied the serum the skin round my eye tingled and I liked it – it made me feel like some magic was happening! I’m not going to tell you that my eye bag disappeared immediately, but I will say that my skin was left feeling cool and soothed and less puffy. As for the wrinkles I think this is something that needs testing over a longer period of time to see a clear result.


This cream is described on the MGC Derma website as an All-in-one Beauty Balm and it really is! It moisturises, primes and conceals AND it has SPF 20. I absolutely love this product, it moisturises my skin perfectly without being at all greasy, the SPF is perfect for every day wear. The cream is the colour of a foundation and looks like a very thick concealer (see below image) but it goes on like a moisturiser and doesn’t feel heavy or like you’re putting make-up on at all. It creates an even tone over my whole face so there are no dark or red patches and it just feels really light and nice.

On a normal day I would use a moisturiser, then a concealer, then a foundation, then a powder. This product cuts out all four of those steps from my beauty routine which saves me some serious time in the morning! The thing I am most impressed with is my greasy t-zone. Since I started using this cream 3 days ago I haven’t had to use powder once. It just seems to have balanced out my skin and eliminated my greasy nose! I am seriously obsessed with my face not looking greasy and I would normally apply powder 2-3 times a day so this is a miracle! This won’t cover a spot and for a special occasion you would probably still want a foundation but I love it for every day wear.

Quick note: this only seems to come in one shade which was perfect for me but i’m not sure how it would work for darker skin tones.


This cream is meant to give you a ‘plump youthful glow’, honestly plump isn’t a word I tend to want used in regards to my face, but I can see it’s definitely preferential to old, tired and saggy which is how my face has been feeling recently! It is also meant to lighten the skin to even out any dark patches and give your skin a smooth consistent tone.

It feels lovely to apply, light and non-greasy, my skin feels moisturised but not at all shiny. This is an excellent base under make-up and again it really helped to clear up my greasy t-zone. As for brightening and lightening, it’s hard for me to say in the limited time i’ve tested it for exactly what changes it has made to my skin but i have had compliments that I look fresh and healthy and nobody has told me I look tired!

Thanks very much to MGC Derma for gifting me these products. If you want to check them out here is a link to their website.

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4 thoughts on “MGC Derma review – Can cannabis cure me of Mum Face?

    1. Good question despite a lot info about it being natural I can’t see any cruelty free logo on the site. I will check.

    2. Hey Lisa, I haven’t heard back from them. I would guess and say that because there isn’t anything obviously saying it is cruelty free then it probably is but will let you know if they come back to say otherwise.

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