Oak Lodge Glamping – campsite review.

We have just got back from a lovely long weekend glamping with friends at Oak Lodge Glamping in Norfolk. I have never been glamping before and I am now fully converted. The taking up and down of tents and having to pack my entire life into my rather small car is just not appealing to me. When I get to my holiday destination I just want to chill out with a beer. I guess it’s fair to say I am a lazy camper!

Now glamping is not cheap, Oak Lodge is £110 per night, but having in the past paid £30 a night to stay in an empty field with a portaloo in the corner, I honestly feel that I would happily pay this price again based on the amazing facilities I got for my money and the minimal effort I had to put in!

When you first arrive at Oak Lodge you go down a very bumpy path then turn into what looks like a junkyard, do not be discouraged! Carry on through to a lovely 10 acre field with bell tents and vintage gypsy caravans dotted amongst some trees. We rang the mobile number we had been given and a lovely lady called Wednesday arrived almost immediately to show us to our group of tents.

We had been given a group of three tents in close proximity to each other each with it’s own table, chairs and fire pit. I love that some thought had been put into the type of group that was coming (6 adults and 5 children) and our positioning, we were close enough to be a group but the tents are spaced out enough for privacy and more importantly so that our children didn’t all wake each other up constantly.

Inside our bell tent.

We were instantly impressed with our tent. We had a beautifully made double bed and two singles which all had proper mattresses rather than blow-ups. Little details like a nice rug, fairy lights around the entrance and centre pole. Mini chests of drawers and a cute little table really made it homely and I thought it was so nice that they provided a small bottle of wine, some water and some marshmallows for the kids.

During our stay we had two extremes of weather but our bell tent worked well with both (this was the same weekend that Camp Bestival had to close early due to terrible weather). When we arrived it was about 36 degrees, the inside of the tent was very hot, but once we opened all the windows it was soon a nice temperature and on the Saturday night when there was torrential rain and gales we stayed dry, our tent stayed up and we slept soundly.

Moving on to the facilities – I have never been to a campsite with better toilets and showers than Oak Lodge Glamping. Honestly I think the showers are better than the ones in my own home and certainly more tastefully decorated! The showers look brand new, no mould, no limescale, no manky hair in the plug hole. The water is lovely and warm and really powerful, no luke warm trickles happening here! They are also huge, we easily showered our family of 4 together in one cubicle. The toilets are immaculate, if you told me that they cleaned them after every use I would believe you!

Shower facilities.

There are shared kitchen facilities in a beautiful gypsy caravan. This has fridges to keep your food and a cooker to cook on, pans are provided as are plates, bowls, cups and cutlery. I don’t think you would want to cook here much, it’s very small and you might have numerous people coming in and out as you cook – but it’s good to have the option. We actually got chinese takeaway which we picked up one night and the next night we ate out at a pub. We cooked breakfast and lunch on portable gas stoves or over the BBQ which was provided outside our tent. You can buy logs, fire lighters and kindling from outside the toilets and you just leave the money in a jar.

Shared kitchen inside a vintage gypsy caravan.

One of the things that I loved about this campsite was that they were so trusting, maybe it’s because i’m a jaded Londoner but I was surprised to find that you could take crockery and cutlery that they trusted you to return. They provided toilet paper, washing up liquid and sponges, hand soap and shampoo and shower gel. I think because the campsite is small, so friendly and so well maintained the people there just seemed to respect it and treat it well. The kitchen was never left in a mess, people did their washing up and returned the things they had borrowed. We stored our food and beer in a shared fridge but nobody touched it. I never saw litter laying around or heard anyone being too loud. Maybe I just happened to be there on the same weekend as a nuns convention but I don’t think so. I felt like there is something special about this place and the campers respect that.

The other thing that I loved about this site and which certainly added to my ability to relax whilst I was there was that it is safe. The site is small enough that wherever the kids run off to play you can still see them, they think they’re off exploring because there are trees to climb and rope swings to play on, but you can sit outside your tent and still see them and know that they are safe. Our children absolutely loved it here.

The kids loved exploring the site.

So in conclusion I really recommend Oak Lodge Glamping as a fantastic place to visit with family and friends. The really friendly and helpful staff and the gleamingly clean shower and toilet facilities get five stars from me. We will absolutely be coming back and telling everyone we can about how fab it was.

Thanks for a wonderful stay!

Our camping crew. (Minus Ava who was asleep!)

Things to do while you are there –

We didn’t really want to leave the site we loved it so much! But we did take a day trip to Church Farm Stow Bardolph – a really lovely farm about 20 minutes drive away. It’s about £7 per person to get in so not cheap but we were there for hours and we had so much fun. The kids played on the fantastic play area while we sat and chatted, they also loved the indoor treehouse and play shopping area, the massive sandpit which is full of toys and they had lots of fun watching the piglet racing!

Little Piglets!

After visiting the farm we popped to a pub which was almost next door called the Hare Arms. It had a big garden to play complete with resident peacocks and a really delicious food menu including lots of good options for the kids.


Albino Peacock at The Hare Arms Stow Bardolph.

Thanks very much for reading, if you go to visit this site or have been before I would love to hear if you loved it as much as we did.



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