Sober not Boring – June 2019


It’s June! It’s five months (151 days to be precise) since I quit drinking and lots of things have changed. I’ve lost half a stone and dyed my hair orange! I started sleeping properly for the first time in years. I turned into a yoga obsessed book worm. Most importantly i’m happy and my mental health is massively improved. (Although I must admit it’s been a bit all over the place for the last week.) Continue reading

Prairie Dresses

Prairie dresses are my new obsession for S/S19. I’m currently wearing mine with a roll-neck and cowboy boots but come summer I will happily swish around in this with trainers to dress it down and barely there sandals to dress it up.

The interesting thing about the Prairie dress is that it is the perfect mixture of conservative modesty with its high neck and ankle grazing hem and bohemian freedom with it’s floaty tiered skirts and floral prints. I like to imagine it as what Florence Welch would wear to a Victorian themed music festival. Continue reading

Dry January – the truth about why I need to stop drinking.

I’m into Day 3 of Dry January and i’ve already cancelled two parties for this weekend because I really don’t want to fall at the first hurdle. It’s not that i’m finding it that hard (yet) but I know it’s something I really need to do so i’m going to make like a hermit crab and hide in my shell as much as possible this month.

When I have discussed Dry January with my friends I have mentioned that i’m doing it to shift the extra pounds that i’ve put on over Christmas, but honestly weight loss is not the real reason i’m doing it. The truth is I need to stop drinking, not permanently but certainly for long enough for me to know that I can.

Continue reading