Summer beauty gift box from Clarins and House of Fraser

This week i have been testing out some more fantastic Clarins products kindly gifted to me to review by House of Fraser. The above beauty box is a gift that you can get free right now when you buy two Clarins products from House of Fraser. (One of them needs to be skincare.)

I love offers like this because it means you get to try out a range of products that you may not have thought of before, and in my case I have discovered products this way that I absolutely loved and have then gone back and bought them again and again.

The first product I am going to tell you about is Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Oil £21.

Cleansers are really personal things, just because a cleanser is good it (e.g it cleans your face.) it doesn’t mean everyone will like it. I personally don’t like to use a cleanser where I have to splash my whole face with water, I prefer a cleanser that I apply with cotton wool and remove my make-up that way.

Despite having a name which sounds like an insult from Love Island this cleanser has rave reviews by people saying that it’s amazingly gentle and removes every last speck of make-up from your face. The blurb says it’s a three-in-one cleansing wash because it starts off as a gel, then turns into an oil as you rub it on your skin and then turns into a milk as you add water to rinse it off.

The first time I tried this cleanser I used it wrong and was disappointed with the results. I used it in the shower so my hands and face were slightly wet and so it turned into a milk too quickly to clean my face properly. I came out of the shower looking like a panda.

The second time I made sure to apply the gel with completely dry hands, rubbing my hands together to warm it first and then rubbing it into my face, as it warmed up it turned into an oil and felt really nice. I really worked it into my face and eyes, then wet my hands and ran them over my face to turn it into a milk, I rubbed the milk into my face and then wiped my face over with a flannel.

My skin felt amazing, really soft, really clean and not at all tight or sore like it can feel with some cleansers. All my eye make-up and lipstick were gone. I definitely recommend this to people with sensitive skin who like to use a face wash. It’s a really nice experience to use this product. The only thing I am personally not keen on is that because I wear a lot of eye make-up I did have to really rub it into my (closed obviously) eyes and afterwards they felt a little bit irritated, but overall I am very impressed.

Next up Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serum £41

Hang on! I’ve only just started using serums on my face and now I find out I need to use body serum too! I was a bit skeptical to be honest, I usually use whatever body moisturiser I can find lying around the house sometimes it’s the kids Aveeno, sometimes my trusty Body Shop body butter.

The first thing I noticed about this cream is it smells amazing! It smells really clean and warm and I just really wanted to smell like that so a slathered it on all over me! The smell stayed on all day, I could still smell it on my arms on the tube home and trust me in this heat that was a massive blessing!

The cream sinks in really quickly and is not at all greasy, it just feels really nice to apply and a little bit goes a long way. Immediate results were that it moisturised very nicely just like any other moisturiser but the smell and enjoyment of putting it on was a massive bonus.

I’ve been using the cream for over a week now and I can really notice a difference in the softness of my skin, the top of my arms and my stomach in particular have a much better texture that i’m very pleased with.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm £32

Argggghhh I feel like this product is my nemesis! I desperately want it to work for me, so I can see the amazing results that so many people are raving about in reviews, but I have reviewed it once before here and I said then that it wasn’t for me.

I’ve decided to give it another go, i’ve been reading reviews about the best way to apply it and i’ve even watched this video tutorial from Clarins. The recommendation is to warm a small amount between your hands and smooth it over your face, the idea is to rub it in as little as possible and really just create a layer of it over your skin you can then either apply make-up immediately and use it as a primer, or you just wear it by itself. It’s meant to tighten and illuminate the skin leaving you glowing.

I decided to try out a very simple summer holiday look using the Beauty Flash balm only on my skin, some waterproof mascara and some lip gloss. I wanted a really low maintenance look that was natural and wouldn’t look like i’d tried too hard but at the same time I don’t want to look bare faced.

Excuse my grumpy face, I was concentrating on trying to show the highlights on my face and the texture on my skin. You can see this is a very natural look, showing off my freckles and just quite dewy natural skin. I actually really like it and i’m definitely going to give the Beauty Flash Balm another chance and take it on holiday with me.

For this look I also used the final product that i’m going to talk about which is Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil £19

This is essentially a lip gloss crossed with a lip balm, it doesn’t have the sticky heavy texture of a gloss but it has the high shine and just a touch of colour. It makes your lips soft and healthy looking, it smells and tastes nice and it comes in 8 colours, the colour I tried was Candy. I really like this and I’ve used it every day since I was given it, it just feels nice and I prefer this more subtle hint of colour to a heavy lipstick for every day. It’s a nice way of experimenting with colour on your lips without looking like you’ve got loads of make-up on.

If you are thinking about getting any of these products i hope my reviews have helped make up your mind. If you are already a fan of any of these i’d love to hear about why you love them.

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