Earn your Stripes!

Everybody loves a stripe right? But forget your tame old Breton t-shirt, this Spring Summer you need to wear your stripes bright, bold and in as many different directions as possible! This trend is all over the high street and I love it! Vertical stripes are really flattering and it’s a really fun way of experimenting with colours you might not be brave enough to wear normally. Check out my favourites from the high street below and if you cross your eyes an image will jump out at you! (Not really! – that is an 80’s child, Magic Eye joke and i’m sorry if it makes no sense to you.) Continue reading

The back to work wardrobe – returning to work in style.

Recently my friend Zoe asked me to come up with some outfits for her back to work wardrobe after 3 years maternity leave. Zoe is returning to her job in the retail industry where her office dress code is smart casual but she also needs to be smart enough entertain clients at a moments notice. She is a busy mum of three young children so I kept this in mind when I was thinking about her outfits too. Continue reading

The best Christmas party dresses from the high street 2017

Christmas party season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about your outfits! There seems to be an unspoken dress code for Christmas parties where you need to be wearing something a bit special, a bit sparkly, and a bit different to anything you would usually wear.

Look for jewel colours like royal blue, bottle green, purple and of course red. Metallics add sparkle and you can’t go wrong with some sequins or beading. Fabrics have a luxurious feel like velvet or satin. Continue reading

Get your freak on! How to be the best dressed Mummy this Halloween.

Get your freak on Halloween ideas.I really love Halloween, I’ve always been a fan of bats and skulls and spooky goings on and I just love the fun and drama of getting my house and my kids all dressed up. I am really lucky to live in an area full of young families so everyone on my road makes an effort and we have loads of adorably dressed kids trick or treating every year.

If you are anything like me you spend all your time thinking about the kids and house and you end up either not dressing up at all, or having to chuck something together at the last minute whilst trick or treaters bang at your door. Continue reading