MGC Derma review – Can cannabis cure me of Mum Face?

Like lots of you Mum’s out there I am the mother of Sleep Thieves. If it isn’t one it’s the other, it’s teeth, coughs and nightmares. It’s me up at least 3 times a night for the last 5 years and honestly I can’t see that changing soon.

I’ve come to terms with my sleep loss, and the fact that I will probably have at least one child in my bed until they are 12, but I would really like to do something about my Mum Face. Mum Face is the term I have come up with to best describe the terrible effect that lack of sleep has on my skin. I have bags under my eyes, my skin is dull and dry on my cheeks and then weirdly greasy on my nose, and I just feel very grey and like my skin needs some TLC. Continue reading

Sleep Thieves

Are you reading this cramped in the corner of a toddler bed while repeatedly singing ‘You are my Sunshine’ and patting a small persons back?

Maybe you have a small child attached to one boob and you are squinting at your phone out of one eye while holding it down the side of your lap?

Did you find this post by googling ‘help my baby never sleeps!’? If you did I’m really sorry I cannot help you! Continue reading