Earn your Stripes!

Everybody loves a stripe right? But forget your tame old Breton t-shirt, this Spring Summer you need to wear your stripes bright, bold and in as many different directions as possible! This trend is all over the high street and I love it! Vertical stripes are really flattering and it’s a really fun way of experimenting with colours you might not be brave enough to wear normally. Check out my favourites from the high street below and if you cross your eyes an image will jump out at you! (Not really! – that is an 80’s child, Magic Eye joke and i’m sorry if it makes no sense to you.) Continue reading

The trends you need to know for Spring / Summer 2018

Christmas is over and we are fully into 2018. It’s still pitch black by 4pm and absolutely freezing but give it a month and the days will start getting longer, temperatures will go up and we might be able to start talking about Spring!

Spring brings with it new fashion and I am excited! There are loads of fantastic new trends for Spring / Summer 2018 and i’ve done a little round up below of my favourites.

I’ve chosen the trends that I think are most wearable for your average 30+ working mummy, because lets face it not all of us can walk round with our knickers showing through a transparent skirt and get away with it – I know it’s frowned on at my office and doing the school run wearing head to toe vinyl might be fashion forward but it may get you a reputation as a different sort of ‘working’ mum…

I’m going to start with my absolute favourite trend Lilac. All pastel shades are hot for SS18 but by far the hottest is Lilac. This isn’t a colour i’d usually wear but I am ready to try it! The catwalk models wore it head to toe which looks amazing but if like me you don’t usually wear this colour why not test the water with one item of clothing and see how you like it. I have added some items from the high street which are available now below.

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Get Winter Ready – Hats, Scarves and Gloves to keep you super snuggly warm this Winter.

Prince of Wales Check Scarf £12.99 Mango Outlet

As all fans of Game of Thrones will know Winter is Coming! Thankfully we don’t have to deal with Whitewalkers or resort to wearing Ikea rugs round our shoulders, but it still gets pretty cold here in the UK and you need a hat, scarf and gloves.

Every year I leave it till I’m actually freezing my tits off before I go and hunt for my winter accessories only to find that I only have one glove, the bobble’s falling off my beanie and the baby’s been sick on my scarf.

Not this year! This year I have trawled the high street to pick out the best hats, scarves and gloves available and I now know exactly what I’m going to be wearing when winter arrives. I’ve done all the hard work for you so make sure you don’t get left out in the cold and get your winter snuggle on now! Continue reading

Wish List – September

L-R (Click on highlighted text to shop!) ‘Mon Cheri’ Slogan Sweatshirt £25 Miss Selfridge, Red Kitten Heel Ankle Boots £25.99 Zara, Floral Print Dress £39.99 H&M, Prince of Wales Coat £69.99 Mango Outlet, Geometric Tassel Earrings £12 Olivia Divine, Vinyl Skirt £34.99 H&M, Rainbow Polka Dot Dress £55 Warehouse, Silver Puff Sleeve Jumper £22.99 New Look, Red Quilted Coat £49.99 Mango Outlet.