Winter Boot round up – the 5 boot trends you need to know before you buy.

Have you found your perfect Winter boots yet? I’ve so far bought and returned three pairs! I just can’t make up my mind because there are so many gorgeous styles of boots and they are all really different, I feel like I need them all!

I have been doing loads of research to find my perfect pair so I thought I would share it with you. I’ve separated them into my five favourite boot trends and given you some street style inspiration for how to wear them.

All images : Pinterest

Animal print is everywhere. When I walk through my office I feel like i’m on a Big Game safari! I am a massive animal print fan and I am totally happy that it is such a huge trend right now, but if you aren’t so sure this trend is for you then why not try it on your feet first? A pair of snake, leopard, or zebra boots instantly gives a dull everyday outfit a bit of wow factor.

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Earn your Stripes!

Everybody loves a stripe right? But forget your tame old Breton t-shirt, this Spring Summer you need to wear your stripes bright, bold and in as many different directions as possible! This trend is all over the high street and I love it! Vertical stripes are really flattering and it’s a really fun way of experimenting with colours you might not be brave enough to wear normally. Check out my favourites from the high street below and if you cross your eyes an image will jump out at you! (Not really! – that is an 80’s child, Magic Eye joke and i’m sorry if it makes no sense to you.) Continue reading

Valentine’s Day – A foolproof guide for men.

Valentines Day – we all know it’s just a stupid fake occasion made up by card companies to get us to spend our hard earned dosh but the fact is we still care about it and we still like to receive at least a card from our loved one.

As someone who’s partner has forgotten Valentines Day in the past I can tell you that I was absolutely bloody furious! Not so much because I care about Valentines Day but more that he’d been walking round town the day before through shops which were no doubt overflowing with Valentines crap and still he was totally oblivious, still he hadn’t thought of me for a second. Anyway enough about that he’s dead now…..only joking! It was Andrew (for those of you who know him) and I let him live after a promise that it would NEVER happen again. Continue reading