Why am I writing a blog?

Recently my partner asked me why I’m doing this – he isn’t on any form of social media so the concept of taking pictures of his outfit or writing about being a parent and putting it out there for strangers to see is totally alien to him.

I had to think for a while so that I could try to explain why doing this has become so important to me.

When I became a Mum for the first time I (quite rightly) put all my focus on my baby and doing my best for her. I didn’t get to shower or exercise, I didn’t have time for make-up or going out. I dedicated my life to her and somewhere along the way I lost myself.

When she was 18 months I finally decided to get myself together and then found out I was pregnant with number two.

After my second daughter was born I just gave up really, I was getting no sleep, I was 4 stone over weight, I was still wearing maternity clothes and whatever would work for breast feeding. I stopped even following fashion I just didn’t care.

I started following a mum I used to work with @erica_davies on Instagram I was so inspired by her because she had two children like me, she was a similar age, she wasn’t a stick thin model, she was someone I could really identify with. I had lost all confidence in my own opinion on what I should wear and just needed someone to guide me. Thank you Erica you made me want to care about myself again.

I joined Weight Watchers and I lost the 4 stone, I started to read magazines and pay attention to fashion again. I remembered how passionate I had been and how much I really enjoyed talking about and looking at fashion.

The Pushy Stylist is something just for me to try and get back a bit of me, and maybe even help some other mums who are feeling the same way.

So in short the answer is – I do this because it makes me happy 😊

I hope you are all feeling happy today too.

Thanks for reading



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